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Ages: 1- 5 years

5 Little Boats

A beautiful story written by seven year kid, which brings together his imagination of how things are made and places he has learned in his short life. Your kids will love this short story about the boats and the journey it takes after coming to life.

Ages: 5 -8 years

Stealing Truck

Parents should always read to their children as it helps them imagine and become creative. Through these efforts, this young author dreamt of the story of Stealing truck, who stole people’s clothes. You will be excited to read about 5 year old’s imagination and creativity in this book.

Ages - 6-12 years

The Mighty Geek

Jimmy was looking forward to the upcoming cave field trip with his classmates. He was tired and frustrated with being bullied after school, and was badly in need of a break. But he couldn’t predict that the trip would throw a wrench in his plans.